Appendix B - SoLiD Discovery

SoLiD Discovery (Draft)

The following describes discovery in the SoLiD framework using HTTP link following aka "follow your nose".

Starting point -- WebID

The starting point of SoLiD discovery is a WebID user profile, which is a hash based URI, typically denoting a (FOAF) Agent. From this profile all of your storage can be found (discovery).

Storage Discovery


Storage is a root place to store files and data, which is used to create workspaces (see below). Storage can also be of type:

  • Public (everyone can see)
  • Personal (only the user can see)
  • Controlled (allows sharing)


Workspaces are where data is stored. There are various types of workspaces, which normally will have their own type. For example workspaces can be

  • Personal (only the user can see)
  • Private (only the user can see)
  • Shared (allows sharing)
  • Master (a workspace about other workspaces)

App Configuration Workspace

The app configuration workspace is a container of many different app configurations. It is also possile to use the "glob * " function, for convenience, to get all configurations of various apps that are in use.

Preferences File

Preferences File is a private file that is linked from your WebID, and contains miscellaneous data not in your public profile.

App configuration Files

App configuration files contain all information related to an app.



discovery illustration